Switching from milk that moos to milk that roars makes a real difference!

Switching from milk that moos to milk that roars makes a real difference!

So you’re telling me it’s nutritious hey??!!

We’re all a bit skeptical about whether things are actually healthy or not. That “evil marketing” gets us every time! You have a right to be suspicious, a lot of the time what looks healthy on the packaging is often not so much.

The best way to know if something is good for you or not, is to look at what’s in it, but understanding this is not always easy…. So here let’s break it down for you:

Our Milk, or plant juice as the haters call it, matches the nutrition creds of cow’s milk. There are a couple of components to cow’s milk that make it tasty and creamy and good for you, these are:

  1. Protein
  2. Fat (more important for kids than adults)
  3. Lactose (a form of sugar)
  4. Minerals & vitamins

This is how we do it…

The Protein

There is a small amount of protein in tiger nuts, however not much of this translates to the milk. We use faba bean protein which is grown and processed in Horsham in country Victoria. This allows us to have 8.7g of protein per serve in our milk, which is the amount you’ll find in cows milk. Some people like to get super technical about amino acids, so if you are an amino acid nerd read more <here>.

The Fat:

There are three sources of fat in our tiger nut milk, the first is the fat in tiger nuts which is mostly good fat (monounsaturated), then there is the extra virgin olive oil that we source from our friends over at Cobram Estate (grown and processed in Victoria) another form of really good fat, we also add some coconut cream which we source from Vietnam. Together these three sources of fat give us a deliciously creamy milky drink.

The Sweet Stuff:

We add date nectar or date syrup or date juice (whatever the hell you want to call it). Why we decided on dates? Well I started off baking with dates when I was developing tiger nut flour recipes so thought it might work well in the milk (it does!). Dates are also great because they don’t wreak as much havoc with blood sugar spikes as other sweeteners do. We also add a drop of a natural flavour (kind of like adding vanilla to your cake).

The Minerals & Vitamins:

We get some of this naturally from our tiger nuts, some from our faba bean protein and some from our extra virgin olive oil but we also add some calcium, B vitamins and vitamin D to get us up to the same levels as cow’s milk.

There is a lot of jibber jabbah out there in the media about plant milk not being as nutritious as cow’s milk even though it is more sustainable. You read it here first, Madame Tiger’s Original Tiger Nut Milk matches the nutrition creds of cow’s milk, so feel free to choose the sustainable option without sacrifice. Peace out! 


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