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Madame Tiger

Tiger Nut Oil 250ml

Tiger Nut Oil 250ml

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Our Tiger Nut Oil has a naturally high smoking point, making it a smokin' hot choice to cook with. See what we did there? 

The subtle zesty fruity flavour also makes for a damn tasty salad dressing, so drizzle away friends! 

It is the perfect substitute for butter in baking, check out our recipes for inspiration.

If sustainable living is your jam then bake, fry, dress or bbq with our Tiger Nut Oil knowing no tiger nuts were wasted in the making of this oil. The combination of our Tiger Nut Flour and Tiger Nut Oil products mean we use the WHOLE Tiger Nut. 

Ingredients: 100% Cold Pressed Tiger Nut Oil

Nutrition Information

Servings per bottle: 16

Serving size: 15ml

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Looking for some baking inspo??

Check out our old school tuck shop caramel slice recipe with a tiger nut fibrelicious twiste!

Caramel Slice Recipe

Tiger nut oil...

So many questions! Let us answer a few here:

So there are no nuts in tiger nuts??

We get it, when something it called tiger nuts you might expect it to contain nuts but it doesn't. I repeat NO NUTS. Tiger nuts are actually root vegetables, they just happen to look like nuts and have it in there name.

How is it different from olive oil?

Actually it's not that different. It behaves pretty similarly to olive oil. Like olive oil it is great for salad dressings, great for frying, bbqs. It's also great for baking because it has a very subtle flavour.

Talk to me about sustainability!

Well between tiger nut flour and tiger nut oil we are not wasting anything! So we get some street cred when it comes to minimising food waste. Tiger nuts are also a super sustainable base ingredient to make oil from, they have a seriously low CO2e/kg and water footprint.

Easiest banana bread EVER!

The old "I can't bake" excuse doesn't work with this recipe. You literally put everything in a blender, whizz it up, then into a greased loaf tin and into the oven. And Bob's your uncle, that's a lie, Bob isn't your uncle, but you CAN make delcious nutritious banana bread! Promise.

Banana Bread Recipe