The down low on why tiger nuts are so damn healthy!

The down low on why tiger nuts are so damn healthy!

Tell me about tiger nuts! 

What the heck are tiger nuts? We get it, this is all new! What are these things that are called nuts, but are not nuts? Definitely not tiger’s unmentionables and they are supposed to be healthy right?! So many questions, we have the answers, read on friends.

Tiger nuts, our signature superfood at Madame Tiger, have been a staple in the West African diet for generations. Yac’s dad told us about them and as we started learning more and more about them, it was clear these little gems needed to be introduced to Australia.

Tiger nuts are powerful little nutrient-rich root vegetables. They just happen to sport a stripy tiger-like exterior.

If you want a laundry list of the good stuff in tiger nuts here it is:

  1. Lots of fibre
  2. Good fats (the mono kind!)
  3. Iron
  4. Phosphorous
  5. Vitamin C
  6. Vitamin E
  7. Magnesium
  8. Zinc
  9. Potassium
  10. Calcium

Honestly, we don’t necessarily love eating tiger nuts solo, because they are so high in fibre it feels like you are still chewing them 10 minutes later… but what we do love about them is just how versatile they are! They make for a great milk, flour, oil and many more delicious foods we’ll eventually bring to market.

The other thing to love about tiger nuts is the absence of allergens. No nuts, dairy or gluten which you might find surprising.

We probably also should mention, incase it’s not obvious to all, that no tigers are harmed in the making/growing of our tiger nut products. They are entirely vegan, delicious and sustainable (read more about sustainability here).

So if you’re looking to whip your digestion into shape with a fibre filled snack grab some of our flour and oil and bake up a gluten and dairy free storm. Or if you’re thirsty for a nutritious glass of something creamy, pour yourself a glass of our tiger nut milk.

Please have a peruse around our website, learn more about tiger nuts and do try our tiger nut goodies!  

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