Tiger Nut Goodies...

Milk, flour, oil... just the basics made better with tiger nuts.

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  • Tiger (apple) Crumble

    Fibre filled apple crumbly delicious dessert. Winter nights sorted and fibre box ticked.

  • Straight from the farm!

    We source our tiger nuts from a female farming collective in Burkina Faso.

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  • Honey cakes for my honeys

    Only 4 ingredients, for real! These lemon and honey cakes are the bombdidly bomb!


Breakfast table goals.

Tiger nut pancakes = breakfast of champions.

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  • Switching from milk that moos to milk that roars makes a real difference!

    We've made a milk that matches the nutrition creds of cows milk. So now the sustainable choice doesn't mean compromising on the nutrition stuff.

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  • Tiger Nutty Caramel Slice

    The old school tuckshop fav with a dose of fibre and vitamin E. Who says healthy stuff doesn't taste great?!

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  • Tiger Nuts & planet earth...

    Clear your food conscience with tiger nuts!

    *spoiler alert*


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