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    How this small-biz owner launched an allergen-free plant-based milk

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    The Pitch: Madame Tiger Nut Milk

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    The healthiest plant milks you can buy at the supermarket

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What the heck are tiger nuts?

Tiger nuts are not actually nuts! They are little nutrient dense root vegetables that sport a stripey tiger like exterior. They only need rainwater to grow and are allergen free!

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  • Switching from milk that moos to milk that roars makes a real difference!

    We've made a milk that matches the nutrition creds of cows milk. So now the sustainable choice doesn't mean compromising on the nutrition stuff.

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  • Tiger Nuts & planet earth...

    Clear your food conscience with tiger nuts!

    *spoiler alert*


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  • Straight from the farm!

    We source our tiger nuts from a female farming collective in Burkina Faso.

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Certified FODMAP Friendly baby!

If you are on the look out for a low FODMAP milk that you can have unlimited amounts of, look no further than our Madame Tiger Barista Tiger Nut Milk! Both our milks are suitable on an ibs or low FODMAP diet.

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  • Smoothie Time!

    Fruit + tiger nut milk = DELICIOUS! If you need some inspo we've got some
    recipes, but feel free to choose your own smoothie adventure.

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  • Tiger (apple) Crumble

    Fibre filled apple crumbly delicious dessert. Winter nights sorted and fibre box ticked.

  • Honey cakes for my honeys

    Only 4 ingredients, for real! These lemon and honey cakes are the bombdidly bomb!


Want to stock tiger nut milk in your cafe or shop?

  • Caravan of chai

    This is a match made in chai heaven! If you are a chai goer give this delectable combo a whirl. You will NOT regret it.

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  • Coffee for the People

    If you catch us out and about making coffees, chances are we'll be using these beans. Our go-to is the Giant Slayer blend.

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  • Horribly Healthy

    One of our absolute favs from this lot is the crack caramel. It's a crackalicious addition to a Madame Tiger Caravan Chai!

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Breakfast table goals.

Tiger nut pancakes = breakfast of champions.

Check out the recipe