Tiger Nut Pancakes

Tiger Nut Pancakes

A breakfast to impress! 

Fibre for breakie is what we all need and this just happens to be a damn delicious way to get it. 


Prep time: 15 mins

Cook time: 10 mins



1 cup tiger nut flour

1 ripe banana

2 eggs

2 tablespoons tiger nut oil

tablespoons maple syrup

½ teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon baking powder

Pinch of salt



Put all ingredients in a food processor and whizz until combined.

Heat a fry pan on the stovetop to a low/medium heat. It’s important to cook your tiger nut pancakes at a low temperature and when you flip them make a special effort to firmly swish that flipper under the pancake in one go and do a super quick flip. If you’re no stranger to gluten free pancakes you’ll know technique is important. The first one might be a challenge but you got this! 

Once the pan is warm, drizzle some tiger nut oil around the pan and spoon on your pancake mixture making pancakes the size you like them. When golden brown on one side, flip and cook the other side, then remove from the pan.

Serve with your favourite pancake toppings.


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