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Madame Tiger

Tiger Nut Milk Original

Tiger Nut Milk Original

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Hold the dairy, pass the Tiger Nut Milk!

Pour a whisker on your muesli, make yourself a smoothie or for the real deal plant milk enthusiasts, throw down a good old glass of milk (minus the cow!). 

Great news! Now you don't have to compromise on protein, vitamins and nutrients if you skip the cows milk. Madame Tiger's Original Tiger Nut Milk boasts a nutritional panel that rivals full cream cow’s milk. Now you don’t see that everyday down the plant milk aisle!

The Ingredients in our Original Tiger Nut Milk:

Water, tiger nuts (12%), faba bean protein, Australian extra virgin olive oil, demerara sugar, minerals (potassium, calcium, phosphorous), sea salt, vitamins (vitamin B5, vitamin B2, vitamin D, vitamin B12). 

Delightfully free from dairy, soy and gluten! 

FODMAP Friendly certified. Go ahead and enjoy 300ml per meal of our Original Tiger Nut Milk if you are following a low FODMAP or IBS friendly diet. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
My new favourite milk

I was thrilled to find milk made from tiger nuts as I read about the gut health benefits. Madame Tiger's tiger nut milk also tastes great with coffee and has no nasty ingredients, which for me was super important. I also bought the flour to make some gluten-free cookies and I love it 🌈🐯

Jess M
Amazing Tiger Nut Milk

I'm using the barista tiger nut milk in my milk frother to make chai lattes at home. I would say it froths better than the leading alternative milks and the froth holds better than the alternatives. The taste is between a soy and an almond milk and is delicious both on its own and mixed as a chai. Very delicious, would recommend and will buy again!

Gordon Smith
Happy Customer

First time I have tasted Tiger Milk very happy with the service and quality

Ang Ross
New milk trial

Hello I saw this advertised by Erin Phillips snd thought I would give it a go. Bought 2 x cartons of 6 of each style . I love it . So much better than the oat milk I was using . Just wish more places sold it or had it as their preference over other plant based milks. It’s great in cooking too.

Alan Chisholm

Great quality, great ingredients

Looking for some baking inspo??

Check out our old school tuck shop caramel slice recipe with a tiger nut fibrelicious twiste!

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Tiger nut milk original...

So many questions! Let us answer a few here:

What the heck is tiger nut milk?

Tiger nut milk is sustainable, tasty, creamy milk made from tiger nuts. Give it a whirl... you just might have found your new milk staple?!

Only the best ingredients! Want to know more about our ingredients?

When we started making this milk we were determined not to fill it with crappy fat like you'll find in most other plant milks. We hated the idea of drinking rapeseed oil (aka canola oil) in our milk... yuk! We've gone to great lengths to use top quality ingredients like extra virgin olive oil from Cobram Estate Olive Oil instead of the el cheapo rapeseed equivalent. Read more about our ingreients here.

When and how should I eat/use tiger nut milk?

This milk is a great dairy free sustainable alternative to cows milk. It's creamy, nutritious and tastes pretty similar to dairy milk.

It's awesome on cereal, in a smoothie, to make porrige with, to bake with, or just to have a good old classic glass of cold milk.

If you are looking for a tiger nut milk for your coffee or tea look out for our Madame Tiger Barista Tiger Nut Milk coming soon!

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The old "I can't bake" excuse doesn't work with this recipe. You literally put everything in a blender, whizz it up, then into a greased loaf tin and into the oven. And Bob's your uncle, that's a lie, Bob isn't your uncle, but you CAN make delcious nutritious banana bread! Promise.

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