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What are Tiger Nuts?

Tiger nuts are a root vegetable (not a nut!), traditionally grown in West Africa, Spain and parts of Asia. They get the name ‘tiger nuts’ because they look like a small round nut with stripes that resemble the stripes of a tiger.

Are there any nuts in tiger nuts?

Tiger nuts, believe it or not are not nuts! Tiger nuts are in fact a root vegetable. Some of our products are produced in facilities that produce other products that contain nuts so we recommend you carefully read the label of each of our
products to understand the product better and make an informed choice.

Are Madame Tiger products Vegan?

Yes! Proud to say that our products are vegan and we love that a growing number of people are consuming more plant based products. It is also great to see more and more delicious and innovative plant based options keep popping up.

Are tiger nuts grown in Australia?

Madame Tiger’s tiger nuts are grown in Burkina Faso, Africa. To our knowledge, tiger nuts are not grown commercially in Australia, who knows this might change in the
future… The plant exists in Australia now but is considered a wild weed plant.

Are your products dairy free?

Hell yeah! All Madame Tiger products are dairy free, all our products are proudly plant based.

Are you products sustainable?

Madame Tiger’s tiger nuts are grown using sustainable farming techniques. Our farming collective in Burkina Faso use the rain as the only source of water for their crops and plan the planting of their crops and harvesting to work in with the rain season.

We do our best on the packaging front and all other areas of our business from buying Who Gives A Crap loo paper for Madame Tiger HQ right through to solar panels powering our factory.

We can all (individually and collectively) always do better each day to reduce our carbon
and water footprint which we commit to doing.

We work with Carbon Cloud to understand and rate the climate footprint of all of our products and are proud to share this information with anyone who wants to know. Check out our sustainability blog post for more details.

Can you make your own tiger nut milk?

Of course you can! Like any other plant based milk you can do it yourself at home.
Get yourself some tiger nuts (we hear the Madame Tiger ones are quite good!), soak them in water for 24-48 hours in the fridge, blend it up in a blender, then strain with a fine cloth and enjoy. You can add another round of water, blend and strain so the tiger nuts go a bit further and you get more milk. The more rounds you do, the less concentrated the milk is, so it’s up to you how creamy you like it.

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