Tiger latte: The coffee order that doesn't waste a sh!t ton of water. That's wild

Looking to lower your personal climate footprint? Then start ordering a tiger latte as your morning coffee.

We use Carbon Cloud (a tool to measure climate footprint) to help us know and understand the climate impact of making tiger nut milk and here’s the results:



Madame Tiger Barista Tiger Nut Milk has the lowest climate footprint of oat, soy, almond and of course cow’s milk (by a country mile!) in Australia.

If you are interested in making some more comparisons feel free to have a peruse around the Carbon Cloud database.

You might see lower climate footprints published for milk that is produced overseas, so make sure you are making the right comparisons and filtering for the Australian market in your search.

Mousso Faso, a farming collective in Burkina Faso, West Africa, grow our tiger nuts as a certified organic annual crop. No harsh pesticides or chemicals are used. There is no known damage or impact to soil, land or air involved in farming tiger nuts.

Tiger nuts are wind pollinated NOT bee pollinated (a common technique used to grow almonds). So we can safely say that no tigers or bees are harmed in the growing of our tiger nuts or the making of our tiger nut milk.

We didn't even need to get Madame Tiger to pose for a photo, luckily we have such exceptionally talented artists who could draw her instead.

We legit care about sustainability

If you have a question or a suggestion, we ACTUALLY care and want to listen and learn. So please drop us a line hello@madametiger.com

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