Madame Tiger is Now FODMAP Friendly Certified

Madame Tiger is Now FODMAP Friendly Certified

Ok so we are officially shaking up the alternative milk industry with our tiger nut milk gaining FODMAP Friendly certification (yeah girrrrl).

Dietitian, Ijmeet Maan from Australia’s FODMAP Friendly certification program said “We’re thrilled to announce that Madame Tiger's Tiger Nut milk is FODMAP Friendly certified. This certification ensures products meet rigorous standards, providing reliable solutions for people with IBS or following the low FODMAP diet.”

What sets us apart is that people can enjoy unlimited amounts of our Madame Tiger Barista Tiger Nut milk and a full 300ml serve of the Original Tiger Nut milk per meal on the Low FODMAP diet. For people following a low FODMAP diet, finding a nutritional milk is a common challenge. Cow’s milk, soy and oat milk all contain FODMAPs and are only recommended in limited serve sizes on a low FODMAP diet, some as little as 40ml.

The FODMAP Friendly certification program is the first registered certification trademark worldwide certifying FODMAP levels in food products that have been laboratory tested. Madame Tiger is the first tiger nut-based alternative milk to reach this accreditation and are proudly backed by accredited practicing dietitian Chelsea McCallum who said: “It’s super exciting to have a new low FODMAP milk option for people that suffer from IBS. Madame Tiger's luscious plant-based milks aren't just delicious; they are low FODMAP, high in calcium and allergy friendly.”


So there you have it, the search for a milk that works if you suffer from ibs or follow a low LODMAP diet is officially over!
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