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Madame Tiger

Mixed 2 Pack

Mixed 2 Pack

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This is the ultimate starter pack for those who want to get their paws around some tiger nut milk but are a little nervous to dive in and buy a whole case. 

What you get:

1 x Madame Tiger Barista Tiger Nut Milk 1L

1 x Madame Tiger Original Tiger Nut Milk 1L

Our Barista Tiger Nut Milk (apart from being a fab all round milk) is the one for coffee, tea, matcha, chai and all other hot drinks.

Our Original Tiger Nut Milk is for smoothies, cereal or straight up as a refreshing glass of cold milk for the enthusiasts (but it's not so great in tea and coffee). 

Dabble away new comers! 

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Customer Reviews

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Anita McVeigh
Loved it - great change

Really loved the milk it is creamy but in a good way. I’ll be getting more next time and so quick to arrive.


Oh just love the Caravan Chai!! Followed the instructions using the barista milk, even my cats like it!! The milk that is…lol. And I love how I can keep it in the pantry till I need it☺️


Enjoyed the product

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Tiger Nut milk barista...

So many questions! Let us answer a few here:

What the heck is tiger nut milk?

Tiger nut milk is sustainable, tasty, creamy milk made from tiger nuts. Give it a whirl... you just might have found your new milk staple?!

How does it foam?

With ease. If I can do it anyone can do it! Foams seriously well to give you the tiger latte you deserve!

What does it taste like in a coffee?

It's creamy like oat and cows milk. Tastes probably halfway between oat and almond with a slightly sweet nutty taste... It's unique, different and delicious. So you'll just have to try for yourself!

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